Thanks to a unique production process, the company is able to manufacture any type of seal, standard or not, made of elastomers or plastics. The growth of Research and Development, and the study of new materials that meet most of the needs and expectations of the customers, has prompted the company to space in the most sophisticated technical solutions.

ATS is able to offer a complete range of Products for sealing systems, manufactured transforming a large variety of materials such as: not filled PTFE and with different additives, POLYURETHANE, NBR, H-NBR, FPM, EPDM, SILICON, FLUOROSILICONE, CLOROPLENE, POM, PET, Polyamide, PEEK, UHMW-PA, PHENOLIC RESIN, POLYESTER FIBRES.

Each family of materials is available in different blends and hardness degrees to meet any specific application requirement. These materials are of very high Quality and derive from specific choices adopted during the relevant manufacturing process technologies.

ATS has in fact special customized formulations of many materials such as for example the specific compound of highly resistant PTFE or Polyurethanes that are hydrolysis-resistant and suitable for high or very low temperatures, compounds resistant to particularly aggressive fluids, or suitable for contact with pharmaceutical chemicals.


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