Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation


ATS Srl offers its customers the experience built through continuous research and development and the most modern and sophisticated application updates that contribute to the progressive growth of the cultural background of over 30 years of specific experience in the field. The upgrade of equipment, increasingly more advanced and able to provide fast and accurate solutions, materials and production technologies, allows to provide customers with a competitive advantage in terms of quality and performance of our Sealing Solutions.

Our Laboratories represent a consolidated reality, able to develop studies and research on the basis of data extrapolated throughout the application phase of our products. This way, we can always propose solutions bound to sure success, obtain guaranteed and reliable results, both for control during production and final check, on the basis of tests complying with internationally recognized standards.

Thanks to our wide range of products, we are able to meet the most sophisticated customers’ requirements in many different application sectors: from mechanical to food, from automotive to chemical. The technical department of ATS has the deepest knowledge of the market and its evolution. The skills developed over the years in Sealing systems technology allow us to offer quickly specific solutions, designed to best meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

Some of these solutions have originated the success of particularly demanding, custom-made applications, now operational all over the world like, for example, solution able to stand temperatures constantly below zero, compete in the highest categories of motors and motorcycles racing competitions, fly in the sky, dig foundations, roll steel coils, dose perfectly microscopic drops of medical products, lay cables on the ocean floor, or drill the seabed from a platform.
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