Our technical department cooperates with you


Our technical department has extensive experience in the field of Sealing Systems, always enriched by continuous Research & Development.

Our application engineers share the company know-how with the customers in order to choose the best sealing system for each application, selecting the appropriate material solutions and evaluating the use of standard materials or, where necessary, special, as far as the eventual design and production of a customized sealing system.



Sealing Systems for diameter 2000 mm and more!
Sealing Systems for diameter 2000 mm
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A comprehensive technical documentation

In addition to the "Product Range" catalogue, ATS publishes a comprehensive
set of specific, complete and frequently updated catalogues for each type of seal.

This technical documentation is available on the web and provides manufacturers a clear and schematic presentation of the range of available Products, simplifying the choice of materials and profiles, as well as applications examples and all data necessary to the independent design of a Sealing system suitable to their needs.