Quality Management

Total Quality philosophy

A Quality Management systematically pursued at all process and logistics levels, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, guarantees the quality of all the services offered and the traceability of batches of products provided to customers.

Quality Management in ATS is a key function, and embraces all branches of the company, from procurement to production, from storage to sales, to the shipping department and laboratories.


The quality of our service and our products is the result of a complete process management. The reasons for success of this philosophy are valid and competent staff, with a strong team spirit, supported by the awareness of quality through information, training and education and a constant improvement process, pursued with suppliers and partners. All this guarantees the consistency of Quality of the Products and services provided.


Quality Policy
Main objective is the customer’s satisfaction. This means that the expectations of the same should never be disregarded. This concept includes the characteristics of the product, deadlines, technical support, commercial services and, not least, cost. The achievement of the objective is guarantee of a leadership position in the market for Quality.

Objectives of Quality
The Policy and Quality Objectives have been formulated by the Management and are guidelines for all business functions, while ensuring continuous improvement.
Each employee must work for the good of society and customers, in accordance with the Quality Management policy.
The Quality of processes is evaluated by the achievement of objectives. Targets are established annually, the partial objectives and their achievement is monitored regularly.
The monitored parameters for this purpose are:
  • - Objectives of Sale: Revenue and Gross Margin
  • - Objectives of logistics: On time delivery to the final customer
  • - Product quality: Results of tests conducted after the receipt or manufacturing, Index of Claims.
  • - Customer Satisfaction: Service, Deadlines, Quality.


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Quality is an advantage for the customer

- Simplified management of the sales process: each order placed is confirmed in the written form with prices
and delivery dates that are certain and unbreakable; this allows the customer to have precise delivery
dates in order to plan the assembly processes, and save costs of downtime.
- Simplified control at goods entry: all the material has been produced, handled and managed in
accordance with high quality standards, and therefore does not require extensive and expensive
additional controls at the customer’s. All lots are monitored and managed in order to ensure
traceability and are provided with certificates in compliance with UNI-EN ISO 10204.
- Elimination of costs associated with the product is defective.
- Elimination of costs associated with management of nonconforming product.