Our history

ATS was founded in 1987, from a farsighted idea of the seal systems expert Ferdinando Corrain, with the aim of being the leading Italian manufacturer of high technology and low friction sealing systems.

In 1995, a turning point in company policy led the company to move from the Monza production site to the new Concorezzo site, tripling the number of employees and starting to market its products outside the Italian territory.

The continuous growth has led to a continuous updating of equipment, machinery and resources, important investments in numerical control machines and sales personnel.

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In 1998 the company obtained the Certification of its Quality System according to the ISO 9001 standard.
In the 2000s the company reorganized itself by inserting a new automated management software for processes and warehouses, which allowed to further enrich the product range with new series of "standard" products. The collaboration with highly selected suppliers has allowed ATS to enrich its catalog, combining its high-technology and low-friction seals and guide rings with the distribution of more classic seals, guaranteeing an even better service with a wider range of available products.

In 2016, following the death of the founder Ferdinando, the company's leadership passed into the hands of the sons Lorenzo and Valentina, already in the company, who continued to consolidate the company by investing in doubling the covered area and increasing the number of vertical warehouses dedicated to the finished product and to the automation of the sales process.

With a long tradition of successes, today ATS S.r.l. is a market leader as a manufacturer of seals and solutions for Industrial Seal Systems. The company aims its core business at the following sectors: mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, chemical industry, food and pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, medical and healthcare, serving directly or indirectly the most representative customers.
It is a story of growth, wanted by a family that has invested in two fundamental resources: personnel, qualified for training and specialization; innovation and research, as an essential element in a high-tech production sector.

Growth Target

After over 30 years of continuous growth, we are a company that maintains a family character. Our long tradition of success allows us to provide adequate assistance to our customers. The continuous research and development for products and technologies guarantees strong competitiveness and a dominant position on the market. The long-term orientation is therefore a characteristic and a strength, from which our customers and partners can benefit.


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Technology & Innovation

We put at your disposal the experience gained through continuous research and development and the most modern and sophisticated applications, which contribute to the progressive growth of the cultural background of over 30 years of specific experience in the sector.

The updating of the equipment, materials and production technologies allows us to provide fast and precise solutions, giving to the customer a competitive advantage in terms of quality and performance of the Sealing solutions.

Our laboratories, representing a consolidated reality, are able to develop studies and research based on extrapolated data in the application phase of our Products. This make us always able to propose successful solutions, to obtain reliable results, both for the control in phase of production and for the final control, based on tests according to internationally recognized standards.

The ATS technical office is the most attentive interpreter of the contemporary market and its evolution. The skills developed through years of experience allow it to offer specific solutions quickly, to meet the needs and expectations of the customer.

Some of these solutions are today at the base of the success of particularly demanding applications, realized ad-Hoc and working all over the world.

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