Informative Coronavirus

Informative Coronavirus

Date: March 10, 2020Category: News

Dear Customer

Following the Italian Pime Ministerial Decree in date March 9, 2020, containing urgent measures that obly people on Italian territory of the behavioral restriction to contain of the CORONAVIRUS emergency, you communicate with the ATS Srl is operating within the company with the information and prevention necessary to protect the person and collaborator, as well as the risk of contagion.

Up to now there have not been any cases of covid-19 within our company that could compromise safety or operations.

ATS S.r.l. continues to operate on a regular basis, guaranteeing the standard Qualitative of the service itself, regardless of how much I divide the product, the logistics of the service.

Although our company has taken action to limit interpersonal contacts, meetings and visits as much as possible, it is fully operational and able to guarantee the service without delay.

We know that we are facing a serious and global problem, we are aware that only thanks to the unanimous commitment and sacrifice of the community will we be able to defeat the virus, and we will do everything necessary to give continuity to the regular life of our country , responsibly.

Our warehouses are also at your disposal for urgent needs with more than 80000 items ready for delivery. Today even more, service efficiency is a basic requirement of the relationship with the customer.

Our operators are at your complete disposal and will do everything possible to give you technical and commercial assistance using all the digital tools available such as email, telephone, video calls.


We remain at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us!