Quality System Certification renewal!

Quality System Certification renewal!

Date: July 25, 2019Category: News

The achievement of the strategic objectives, the planned business development, the commercial process, the design, production and management of the control instruments, were the focused elements during the 2019 audit operated by KIWA in ATS.

ATS operates a Quality Policy that involves every business function, from the Management to the Commercial Offices, from the Application Technicians, to the Production departments.

This means that within our company there are a series of procedures and rules that allow a virtuous management of the production process, managed according to a UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

This added value, aimed at qualifying the products and services provided and at the full satisfaction of the customer, is a choice of the company since back in 1998, the year in which it obtained the Quality System Certification with certification plan no. 655.

During the audit of each department, the General Management was present illustrating the achieved investments for the growth of the company and to further improve the service and customer satisfaction.

No non-compliance was issued, no doubt or observation, as a proof of how the quality policy is rooted and shared by everyone in the company, and of the dynamism and capacity for growth and improvement of ATS. 

Download now the updated ATS Quality System Certificate from our website!